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26th Nov, 2007

up, group

Ally Pally rambles

Brief and gushy summary of the 3 Arcade Fire Alexandra Palace gigs and a few icons...


the earthquakes set off fire alarms...Collapse )

7th Oct, 2007


AF icons, again

Mostly inspired by the très cool interactive Neon Bible video (if you haven't checked it out already, do so here: http://www.beonlineb.com/click_around.html)

Don’t lick your fingers when you turn the page...Collapse )

28th Aug, 2007

close your eyes rebellion

This'll be the last time that you cryyyyyyyyy

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I FINALLY see Yeti tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness. I am VERY excited right now.

Just a shame it'll be the last time in Proud :-( Which reminds me...:

Camden Council have given the go ahead for the wrecking balls to go in and destroy Stables Market in Camden.

This means the end of The Proud Galleries (served notice closing in a couple of weeks), the vintage stores, Cyberdog, etc - you get the gist - one of the best things in all of London is about to be taken away from us.

What are they putting in it place? Boots, H&M and Topshop. You can go to these shops ANYWHERE, but there is only ONE Stables Market. It's a disgrace.

PLEASE help us stop them from doing this by signing the petition:


Please spread the news...

5th Aug, 2007

neon bible

8 more AF icons...


Underneath the covers...Collapse )

22nd Jul, 2007

neon bible

Arcade Fire icon spam

A little dedication to a bunch of amazing people that have inspired, uplifted and continually awe-struck me for the past 2years. I salute you, the beautiful Arcade Fire.


If I had any notion...Collapse )

8th Feb, 2007

Icon spamaaaggeee

Paul Smith, Pete Doherty, The Mighty Boosh, The Libertines and a whooooole load of Dirty Pretty Things icons all under the cut.

Un, duex, trois, du miroir noir!Collapse )

28th Jan, 2007

New icons

6 Strokes,
2 Pete Doherty's, 1 Pete&Drew,
2 Noel Fielding,
1 Yeti, 1 Harmony, 1 John,
1 Arcade Fire,
1 Matt Bellamy,
1 Mighty Boosh,
1 Paul Smith

all under the cut...

And you see I brought you flowers...Collapse )

15th Jan, 2007

Whole heap of DPT icons.

Happy endings, they still don't bore me...Collapse )

6th Jan, 2007

Random icon spam

Noel Fielding/The Mighty Boosh, lots of the Strokes, Muse, Maximo Park and one pirate...all behind the cut....


You ever drunk baileys from a shoe?Collapse )

4th Jan, 2007

1st DPT Icon spam


Dishonest as the day is long...Collapse )